Fountain Fletcher District Association
Welcome to Fountain Fletcher.

We are coffee and plant shops, leather goods and live music, art galleries and vintage shopping, creatives and neighbors. Fountain Fletcher is a vibrant and welcoming district filled with one-of-a-kind shopping, dining, and events …a place where you’ll find yourself wanting to stay just a little bit longer.

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Featured Merchants
  • Artist, designer, and metal fabricator

    Circle City Metalworks
    01 / 03
    Circle City Metalworks
  • Fountain Square Tattoo
    02 / 03
    Fountain Square Tattoo
  • A storefront for art, gifts & funky stuff in Fountain Square

    Tuggle’s Gifts & Goods
    03 / 03
    Tuggle’s Gifts & Goods
Featured Events
  • Stroll through Fountain Fletcher and get a head start on holiday shopping!

    End of Summer Sidewalk Sale
    01 / 02
    End of Summer Sidewalk Sale
    October 9, 2022
  • An evening for families, kids and kids at heart to trick-or-treat throughout the spooky streets of Fountain Fletcher.

    Scare in the Square
    02 / 02
    Scare in the Square
    October 31, 2022

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Featured Merchants

  • See Directory Listing Leah Trib Productions

    Leah Trib Productions

    location 231 S College Ave #150

    local photo + video studio

  • See Directory Listing BRIDGE Collective and City Natives Gallery

    BRIDGE Collective and City Natives Gallery

    location 1043 Virginia Avenue, Suite #210

    Dynamic cooperative dedicated to sharing knowledge and creating understanding for the enrichment of life through cultural and artistic diversity

  • See Directory Listing Glutes 317

    Glutes 317

    location 218 S State Ave

    Indianapolis' Only Glute Focused Gym

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Fountain Fletcher is creative influence, unique spots, and authentic connection.