Fountain Fletcher District Association

Safety and Beautification: 2nd Tuesday at 10am at SECS
This committee addresses common public safety issues including late night patrols and leads cleanup efforts through partnerships with local groups.

Land Use and Business Recruitment: 3rd Monday at 5:30p at 1028 Virginia Ave
This committee addresses land use requests such as variances or zoning as well as working to bring desired new businesses into the area.
Land Use Survey

Membership: 3rd Wednesday at 1p at Dugout
This committee focuses on bringing more businesses and groups into our membership and supporting those who are members. 

Marketing: Last Thursday of the Month at 1pm at Switchboard
This committee plans social media campaigns and email marketing. 

Programming and Development: Virtual 2nd Monday at 4:30p
This committee oversees major events coordinated by Fountain Fletcher and applies for grants to fund our work.

  • Workgroup: Art Squared: Virtual 2nd/4th Wednesdays at 5:30p at SECS to plan Art Squared
  • Workgroup: Plaza Activation: Virtually 1st Tuesday at 12:30p to plan events on the Fountain Square Plaza


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Committees help us function as an organization and ensure we have input from all stakeholders in our District. Volunteer your time today with one of our committees.

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All of our committees have hybrid options available upon request.