Absorb.┬áis a boutique music & media label founded in 2020. The Absorb. label works in conjunction with it’s adjacent creative agency, all under one roof in historic Fountain Square, Indianapolis USA.

We work to facilitate the complete career growth of genre-bending recording artists, dynamic storytellers, and groundbreaking visual artists, and embrace all modern release, distribution, and exhibition concepts while maintaining timeless principles rooted in artistic excellence and authenticity. We pay great attention to the development of songs and visual / sonic identity of our artists, and believe very deeply in in the perspective and giftings of all that we work with. We derive a great sense of joy from helping artists fulfill their creative destinies.

The Absorb. label operates at the highest levels of artist development, creative and identity direction, design, distribution, and marketing. Our artists have accrued millions of streams, and performed alongside the finest acts in the world.

With seamless communication existing between our in-house creative and business teams, we aim to achieve total perceptive clarity across all artistic mediums for our artists to harvest engaged fanbases and vibrant cultural opportunities.


1054 Virginia Ave Suite 230



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