Through culturally sustaining education, healing-centered engagement, and workforce development, VOICES provides the relationships, resources, and opportunities for youth to heal, grow, and further their path towards economic self-sufficiency and civically engaged lives.

When youth and families enter our program, the cumulative effects of violence, trauma, cyclical poverty, lack of high-quality educational opportunities, and economic mobility stifles their ability and desire to be the best versions of themselves. Through our programs, youth and families are given the access, resources, and support to realize their dreams. From our statewide efforts, we have found that communities find comfort in vices that consist of distance, addictions, abuse, depression, anger, and distrust. It’s not just a gun or a drug that’s a vice to our communities, but something rooted deep inside. Our program breaks the vices and helps them find their VOICES and engage the world as agents of change


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