Fountain Fletcher District Association

Filling the space of an underused parking lot, the surrounding Plaza was created in 2014 to serve as a community space that culminated at the end of the original Cultural Trail. In partnership with Southeast Neighborhood Development and Fountain Fletcher, the space is available for use for community events.

The Plaza is the perfect location for a pop-up art fair, live performances, a community meeting or any event looking for visibility in a high-traffic. The historic fountains flow during the summer and decorative lights can be programmed to fit the vibe of your event. Power is available upon request, so the opportunities are endless.

Community partnerships are available for events that serve the community and do not generate revenue.

Si desea hablar con alguien en español sobre el alquiler del Fountain Plaza, comuníquese con las oficinas principales de SEND al o al 317-634-5079.


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Fountain Fletcher is creative influence, unique spots, and authentic connection.