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The eclectic mix of stellar local businesses and venues is just minutes from Indy and surrounded by historic neighborhoods- from Fountain Square to North Square, Fletcher Place to Holy Rosary. Connected by the Cultural Trail, Red Line Rapid Transit, and Shelby Street Cycle Track, we are a destination for one-of-a-kind food, music, and urban activity. Hosting events that bring music lovers, craftspeople, and neighbors together; the Fountain Fletcher District Association (FFDA) is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to support current businesses, advocate for the neighborhood district, and welcome new endeavors and residents.

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  • 326 Businesses Represented
  • 47 Years of Advocacy and Growth
  • 86K Financial Impact on the District

The Fountain Fletcher District Association (FFDA) is a member organization with a governing board that works to develop, enhance, and celebrate the vibrant and growing commercial corridors of the Fletcher Place and Fountain Square district.

Members include businesses small and large, independent artisans and entrepreneurs, and active longtime and new neighbors.

With an elected board of District business owners, and a diverse membership, the FFDA prioritizes resources to market and cultivate energy about and within the District, to revitalize the streetscape, fountains, lighting, and amenities, to host annual events that bring visitors to the area and keep the District a vibrant destination. The FFDA is funded by a combination of membership dues, donations, and funding from the Greater Virginia Avenue Economic Improvement District. You can view the master plan for the district here.

The FFDA also serves as a guiding voice in development choices and impacts to the build environment. The board and members work closely with the City of Indianapolis and other communities to maintain the uniqueness of the area while thoughtfully evolving into the future.

Fountain Fletcher is creative influence, unique spots, and authentic connection.

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